We are the key supplier of knitting fabrics for various large export companies involved in manufacturing knitted garments in India. Mr. Ajit Lakra – the most dynamic Managing Director, leads a team of expert professional employees in the Company. Mr. Lakra holds a M.Sc. (Chemistry) and has rich and practical experience of about 30 years in producing quality knitted fabrics. The entire team of the company is proficient in technical and management skills. The professionals and the motivated directors of Superfine Knitters Ltd are very sincere, devoted and reliable as far as their work and responsibilities are concerned.

We always target to offer unique and quality knitting fabrics and garments to our customers. We started in the year 1980 as a fabric knitting unit and Superfine Knitters Ltd is now one of the top suppliers of fabrics and garments to national and international brands.

The cohesive teamwork in Superfine Knitters Ltd gives wide and competitive edge over other players in the field and benefits the company as well as its customers. Our goal is to become the top manufacturers and exporters of knitted fabrics and garments. We believe to walk with time.

The team of employees in Superfine Knitters Ltd includes full time and contract period employees. We have 750 employees on full time job while 150 employees are on contract period that manage with us at the time of highest and peak period of production.

We are located at Ludhiana which is around 320 km away from New Delhi, the capital of India. Ludhiana does not have a harbor but it is directly connected to metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and all ports. Nearest airport is just one hour away which is Chandigarh.If we talk about rail route then Ludhiana is also well connected to the rail and four lane road systems to all big cities of India. It is well known that Ludhiana is the famous city for national and international commercial activities, especially, in apparels and garments.

Superfine Knitters Ltd. has a laboratory which is fully equipped for tests and fabric dyeing houses under contract. The fabrics range from 100% cotton to cotton Lycra, mercerized to plain and washed to overdyed and other blended fabrics .