We are a quality conscious company and give paramount importance to the quality aspect of our range of fabric and garment products. Our team of experienced quality control personnel, assist us in meeting the demands of Stringent checks at different stages of production. This ensures our meeting the varied laid down guidelines for the involved processes.

Our ‘4- LEVEL’ quality assurance system includes:

At Greige Level

  • Reed-Pic Checking
  • Weight and GSM Checking
  • Table or Board Checking

At Processing Level

  • Lab Dips for Color Accuracy
  • Strike Offs for Print Accuracy
  • All Processing as per REACH StandardS

At Finished Level

  • Board Checking for Fault Rejections
  • Lab Testing for all Testing Parameters
  • Special Care for Design Secrecy

At Packing Level

  • High Quality Packing Material
  • Computerized Packing Facilities
  • Clean & Huge Warehousing Facilities