Reg 46 & 62


(Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (LODR Regulations)

The information required to be disseminated as per Regulation 46 and Regulation 62 LODR Regulations is available under the following weblinks on the website:

 Sr. No  Particulars  Weblinks
 1.  Business in Details
 2.  Terms and conditions of appointment of   independent directors
 3.  Composition of various committees of board   of directors
 4.  Code of conduct of board of directors and   senior management personne
 5.  Details of establishment of Whistle Blower   policy
 6.  Policy on dealing with related party   transactions
 7.  Email address for grievance redressal and   other relevant details
 8.  Contact information of the designated   officials of the listed entity
 9.  Financial Results
 10.  Annual Reports
 11.  Shareholding pattern
 12.  Details of key managerial personnel
 13.  Disclosures under sub-regulation (8) of   regulation 30
 14.  Annual Return